Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Choose Joy {Free Printable}

Lately I've been feeling kinda far from God. I didn't understand why. I pray every day and have been trying to have a set morning time for more deep prayer and Bible reading. I may not sit down and study like I used to, but I do read scriptures and meditate on them.

In these moments, I always start to question what I'm doing. Is it this blog? Is it my priorities around the home {or lack of}? Am I reading what I'm suppose to? Am I doing what I'm suppose to? Time and time again, I realize how hard I am on myself. My personal expectations. It's like I can't make a mistake. I have lost sight of being merciful to my own person. 

I've been talking to God about this for a while because I don't want to be going astray and I want to make sure my motives are correct in everything I do. It was yesterday as I pulled into our garage that I felt something inside of me. There was a song playing and I felt this excitement come up from my soul. David and I had just come from a local produce place and thrift store. He watched from the back seat as I jumped out of the car, singing and dancing, practically in tears. It had been so long since I felt that way. Since I felt joy.

I'm not saying I'm unhappy. I absolutely adore my husband and son. Being a stay at home {wannabe work at home} mommy is one of the biggest blessings I have. Yet days go by, and I feel disconnected from everything. Not necessarily my family but from my calling. It is then I have to remind myself that part of my calling is to provide a loving home to uplift my husband and train up my son. The other part is to just love God with everything I have and obey His word. And choose joy. Yes, I must choose joy!

 {Free printable} Right click, save to your computer & print

Joy is not a feel-good feeling. It isn't a happy-go-lucky jackpot that if you put in a few quarters, you get a couple of hours of it. Joy is a choice. It is you actually telling yesterday's mistakes and today's expectations: "Listen, no matter what goes down, I am choosing to be happy. I'm blessed and nothing is going to tear me down, not even my bad attitude. The enemy wants to see me gloomy but I am choosing to be joyful!"

When I don't choose joy, I stay in a selfish state of "poor-me's." I'm the queen of my own pity-party; the princess to my wallow brigade...the beggar at the foot of my own table. I end up choosing sorrow which is what Jesus saved me from so long ago! Why do I go back and why do I want to? The thing is, it's comfortable. Being grouchy and sad is normal for us sometimes. It's sick but true.

Today, don't hide behind a frown mask. Whatever expectations you have of yourself, remember that we must put ALL expectations on God!

Psalm 62:5 says "My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him."

I can expect great things from God because He is all powerful and all knowing! I am but a sinner trying to get through this life, in a world that is not my home. Today, I am letting go of yesterday's mistakes because His mercy covers them and His grace buries them! I'm washed by His blood and redeemed for a purpose. His purpose! It's not about me and so I choose joy because when I do, others will see it. They will experience His joy and will see that He is truly great.


  1. We all need to reminded of this. Life can suck our joy so quickly, but you're right...we get to choose to be joyful. Love this post and this printable! Printing it for my gallery wall! :)

    1. I would love to see your wall when it is complete!!

  2. you sound a lot like me... the queen on my own pity party. constantly convincing myself to let Jesus work be finished in me and never giving myself a room for mistake before I end up wallowing again... what a great reminder that we choose who we are and what attitude we carry. i choose joy!

    1. Yay praise the Lord!! Repentance is necessary but I think we get that confused with condemnantion. Mostly from ourselves.


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