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"I want to thank Hello Awesome for their wonderful advertising opportunities. I have been more than pleased with the increase and steadiness of traffic to my website from their advertising. I have seen steady increase on a daily basis. Their customer services is also outstanding and are always quick to respond with any questions. I recommend them to anyone who wants to bump up their traffic or just get some extra views. Hello Awesome you have 5 stars from me."
Kerry Siegel 
Owner of Hats & What Knots

Hello Awesome believes in "people helping people." Relationships is how a blog and business can grow. So let's start one!

Affordable sidebar advertising for your blog or business! For just $10 your ad will appear for 30 days, reaping the benefits of our traffic & gaining your shop or blog more exposure. If you're interested, please email a 350x150 pixel image, a link and a little about you to
Payments will be made via Paypal secured invoices. 

We love working with other bloggers and shop owners especially since we're both! We have the experience of running a successful blog and shop, so when we all work together, you can feel confident that your brand is in good hands. Snag an ad spot and let's make something beautiful!

We would love to help everyone however sponsoring Hello Awesome does not guarantee growth. These ads are meant to be a help to your brand in addition to the hard work you put in. We are careful which blogs or shops we represent. We only choose those who we truly believe in and speak to the heart of who we are. Therefore, we reserve the right to deny any ad in order to uphold the standards we have for ourselves and this blog. Thanks for understanding.
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