Monday, September 23, 2013

To Be Real.

Well, here I am.
Though it's kind of weird posting a big picture of myself, I felt I had to. To be a face. To be real.

So many times in life, things happen and we forget who we are. What we believe. Who really is in control. While this online life is truly amazing, can we be real? Nothing can beat living REAL offline life. I've met good people and even made friends through blogging. It is an awesome thing to be able to connect with hearts from around the globe. To share trials and receive encouragement. Especially as mothers, we are often over-tired, broken and feeling washed up. But here...we can be healed by words of love and compassionate relationships.

To be real...even though I love blogging, love my readers, love this chance to speak out and express myself...I miss the old me. The one who would cook a meal without worrying about having a camera on hand. The one who rocked her baby to sleep with a song in her mind instead of sponsorship details. The one who took time to study the Word because her insides couldn't contain the zeal for truth....instead of hurrying through scripture because a post needed to be published.

As I sit right now, I can hear the birds and feel the cool autumn breeze. I hear life! But to be real, I don't want to just hear it, document it, capture it...I want to LIVE it!! I want to discipline myself enough to realize what is real. Yes, you are all real. Yes, blogging is very real. But without life...there would be no such thing as blogging. Without real experiences, real moments woven into life changing dedications, blogs would not exist.

To get lost in giveaways, tutorials, sponsorships, followers, Twitter parties...could mean losing the concept of real life. We become numb to what is true, the things all around us. I don't want to be numb. I want to feel what is real. And though we each have our limits and we each have our own priorities, I know that my first priority shouldn't be building my own kingdom. But focused on His...being part of it...and being a servant of the message.

To be real...I have to step back a bit. From this digital world, full of so many opportunities and yet so many distractions. I have to be real and take time to live life, the way I'm called to live it. This isn't another goodbye, don't worry. I'm not shutting this place down but I am limiting my time being here. Because when I post, I want it to be heartfelt. When I speak here, I want it to be because I want to, not have to.

This is a declaration that this blog and this blogging world is NOT my life but a small part of it. I want to reach a level with the Lord Jesus Christ that goes deeper than anything I've ever known! I want to know the scripture like I know my favorite songs, but better. I want to memorize the truth, the beautiful gospel and engrave His desires into my spirit more than I want my books to sell or my online shop to succeed. I want more.

Do you? I will be taking a blogging break not because I don't know what I want...I want more! I want more of Jesus, I want more of love, I want more life...I want more "real". Do you want more real? What makes you get up every day? What drives your passion? Where are your treasures? Most importantly...where is your heart?

I want my heart to be planted in the real. Not the online life. The real life. Not in the approval of readers, followers, fellow bloggers. But in the Lord Jesus Christ. Because He is the definition of real. And I want Him to be real to me.

To be free. To be happy. To be wrapped in His arms. Where life is found, where clouds disappear and where everything false or fake fades away into the realness of His love. I pray that I allow the real to have it's way in my own life. Can you pray with me? I encourage you, find the real. And be it. Let it consume you. Let it change you. Most of all, let is lead you.

Because remember: you are called to be real.
So be it and nothing else.


  1. Beautifully said, and thank you for being so honest. I hope that you enjoy your "break"! :)

  2. Really amazing Jacy, and really encouraged me. I am so proud of who you are!

    1. Aw that means a lot Nicholl. Thanks for being so sweet xoxo

  3. Jacy, thank you so so much for this post! I have tears in my eyes, because I badly needed to be reminded of the real. I needed to be reminded of where my priorities must lie . . . in Jesus Christ. True satisfaction comes through Him! Just like you, I had that epiphany a while back. I realized that I was started to stress over every blog post and focus on that, all the while losing my joy in just living life. I had to take a big step back, and I don't even have a huge following or anything like that. So, that's why there will be weeks (and sometimes months) between my posts. It's not because I don't enjoy blogging. It's because I don't want to live under the stress of making sure I blog about EVERYTHING. But, I unfortunately started losing that focus recently and needed a reminder of why I don't blog every day. Thank you so much for this post!

    1. Lydia, I am glad that the Lord was able to speak to your heart through this post. Nothing else matters but Him. I encourage you, if you haven't already, Google "Jesus At The Center" by Indiana Bible College. Truly life changing. xoxo


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