Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Custom Illustrated Blog Banners with Navigation Links

Okay, so last week I shared with you in this post how my creative mind works over time and I can't keep it shut. It's seriously a blessing & a curse. I just recently launched a new illustrated product in my shop...blog banners! I'm SO excited for these. The possibilities are endless and they are a blast to create.
The thing is, I create fast. So sometimes I think of ways to make products better AFTER I've already introduced them publicly. Typical me. No biggie, though. I updated the banner listings now, and they rock! {If I do say so myself...and I do.}

Just Louise available here

Now, not only are the illustrated blog banners customized to your blog name and can include your tagline, I'm also throwing in up to 5 customizable/clickable navigation links!! Whoohoo! You know, they usually say "About/Shop/Sponsor/Contact etc" Just take a look at Art By Jacy's awesome banner I created. You'll know what I mean.

Sequin Diaries available here

My mind is spinning with designs! Lifestyle, fashion, food, mommies, shopping...so many ways we can work together. Each design available right now is only $45!! This includes the banner for your blog, customized with name & tagline, up to 5 navigation links {which I will install & help setup} and up to 3 simple revisions like color changes, font changes etc.

She Lives available here

You don't have to have a HUGE blog to have a nice, stylin' banner! In fact, every blog should have a header they are proud of and that speaks about who they are. I also will be taking custom orders if you have a specific design in mind or you'd like for me to illustrate something custom, special for your blog. Just shoot me an email here with any details. A custom illustrated blog banner from scratch is just $65 & includes everything premade banners have.

Claire Maire available here

Drawing is my specialty but even more so is helping people by creating something they will love. Are you all set with a blog banner but you think someone else might like one? Please share by hovering your mouse over the images above and pinning them to one of your Pinterest boards!! Tweet the link to my shop or share on Facebook. I would love to get the word out on these because they are so unique and fun.

Do you have any design ideas that would look great as a blog banner?
I'm always looking for inspiration, I'd love to hear them!
Please share in the comments.


  1. So cool- I wish I was anywhere near this talented when it came to graphic design!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  2. What a wonderful post! These custom illustrated blog banners are perfectly awesome. The designs are great and so creative. I like all of these. Thanks!


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