Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Momma's Dip {Recipe}

I realized yesterday that I had not shared a recipe with you guys in so long!

I love cooking, though I don't do it everyday (who does? anyone? do you?) and this recipe is by far my fav. Why? Well...isn't it obvious? It's a chip dip!! I can sit and eat chips and dip ALL day...it's kinda sad really. Ask any family member of mine and they will be my witness...

Plus, it's super easy and most of these ingredients are on hand anyway. I am calling it "Momma's Dip" because it belongs to my mom and honestly, we don't have a "real" name for it. Every time we have a family get together, we just say "Hey mom, are you going to make your dip?" We only love her for this recipe right here...yeah I guess giving birth to us is pretty special too but this dip is it. Pretty much.

 Here's what you need:
- medium to large size platter
- 2 packages of cream cheese
- 1-2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese or any shredded cheese (or all shredded cheeses...why not!)
- 1-2 cups shredded lettuce
- 1 can of salsa (I prefer mild but it's your taste buds)
- (optional) chopped up onions and peppers

Here's how easy it is...you will thank me...

- Take the cream cheese and melt it in the microwave. It may be best to do one package at a a time, and it melts in about 30 seconds or less...you don't want to over-do this step because then you get burnt cream cheese that's all bubbly and runny, eek...

- Spread the cream cheese evenly on the platter, right to the edges. Spoon the can of salsa right over it, spreading it evenly as well. Add the chopped veggies if you are using them (I normally don't but it does taste good). Top with the lettuce and sprinkle on the cheese. Pop it in the fridge for at least 30 minutes before serving and wala! Serious yummyness (that is a word, I am claiming it.)

Soooo good and perfect for a quick snack, or if you have guests coming over and want something for them to munch on. Throw some tortilla chips in a bowl and get your dig on! (not sure if I want to claim that phrase though...I'll think about it.) Sometimes I even make a small, personal one for my husband and I to eat during a movie. It's perfect and we finish off the entire thing!

Oh, I am working on a Recipe tab for the top of the blog, kind of how I had it last time before my big blog revamp. That way you can just click on the tab and it will bring up all the recipes I have shared thus far...wouldn't that be cool? Happy dipping!

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  1. Dips are my favorite! I could eat them for meals. :) I would love to have you stop by 'Or so she says...' today and share some of your great ideas with my readers! The 'Your Great Idea' link party runs every Sat through Tuesday. Hope to see you there! www.oneshetwoshe.com


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