Wednesday, March 30, 2011

!!! The Handmade Marketplace Book Giveaway !!!

 It's here, it's here, it's finally here!!
My very first BLOG GIVEAWAY...yessss!

 What is up for grabs, you say? Your very own FREE copy
of the new book by Kari Chapin
"The Handmade Marketplace!"  
Oh yeah...

 This book was amazinggg! No lie. 
So much info, so many good tips from talented and 
successful handmade crafters
(like Emily Martin aka The Black Apple!)
Also terrific resources in the back...
Everything you need to know
about selling your craft (and making a business out of it) 
is right here!


I have to admit that I will be scanning my favorite pages before shipping this little lady off
to that special someone...
Will it be you??

(FYI: I bought this book baby-spanking new, so it is in mint condition...2010)

Here is how to enter this FREE GIVEAWAY 
(I love saying that hehe) :

1.) First, you must be a subscriber to my blog! 
(Hey, this is for my peeps..)
2.) Second, you must also be a fan of my facebook page 
and finally...
3.) When you have done both, comment on this post by 
telling me your email address and craft!

You don't have to write your life story of why you sell
banana crocheted hats or bubble gum moth balls...
just a brief description of what you do :)

Winner will be chosen at random after April 6th & contacted by the email given!

Come on guys, you do not want to miss out on this book!
Since reading it, my entire perspective has changed
about how to sell and market my work.

This giveaway goes along with my motto
"People helping people"

I wanna help GO!!!
Best of luck to all :)


  1. This sounds so exciting, I'd seen this book before and would Loooove to have a copy!
    I'm into sewing of any kind, but mainly patchwork, piecing up odd and bits together into clothing, objects and decorative things.

    My email is:
    Thanks for letting me dream that I'll get this book finally ;)

  2. How exciting!! Thanks for having this giveaway, I'd love to have a copy of this book!

    I hand sewn and hand paint tees and scarves. I so enjoy what I do - all my pieces are hand created with love :)

    My email is
    Thank you~

  3. @ Sheshanna & Nickole, first of all love both of your names!! Wow so cool and original, with the spelling and all...awesome...

    Second, thanks for entering and I cannot wait for someone else to enjoy this book too! It was so helpful and encouraging. Good luck girls <3

  4. It sounds like a book I could use for sure!

    I am a jewelry artist, creating all kinds of beaded jewelry including some wirewrapping (just getting started with the wire part)

    I favorited your fb page from my own page.

    Have a blessed day!


  5. Looks like a great book! Thanks for the giveaway!

    I make cards, b-day kits, banners & other paper crafts...I also sew & embroider :)


  6. @ Trisha & Anne, welcome to the giveaway! Lovely work and talent :)
    Much luck!!

  7. Hi, I am also from the positivity team. I already started following your blog and fb page as twinmountainpottery and now a fan under my name. This is a really nice giveaway.


  8. Jacy, Cute blog! :) This book looks GREAT!!! I'm now following you here and on FB. :) Thanks for the opportunity to enter your giveaway! :)

    I create lots of stuff. Anything that tickles my fancy, but mostly silk butterfly hair clips, jewelry, and vintage inspired home decor items. :)

    My email is:

    XO!, Kate

    I'm a painter
    Acrylic, oil and watercolor
    also some fiber art
    I became a follower here
    and posted like on facebook (but not sure I did this right)
    you might check and let me know if I'm a fan or not and if not please tell me how to become one

  10. @ Donna & Kate, yay!! Good luck and welcome :)

    @ Donnarose, that is perfect, no worries! Excited to have another painter on board...very excited about this giveaway, best wishes!

  11. Super idea for a giveaway. Love the sound of this book.

    I design, forge, saw and solder silver or weave and bead, anything jewellery.



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