Thursday, October 11, 2012

Answered Prayer and a Giveaway

I am so excited, I cannot even contain myself as I write this post!!

Many, if not all, of you know that I have written a book called "The Palace Keepers: Protecting the Purity of the Heart." In a nutshell, the book is non-fiction and I share my testimony on how God plucked me out of a relationship that was saturated with sin, guilt and shame and placed me into His marvelous hands.
I also talk about the lessons Jesus taught me through my journey towards salvation; mainly emotional purity, the foundation of the book.

Jesus showed me that in order to be pure physically, we must first be pure in our hearts. To do that, He has called us to be our Palace Keepers, protecting every inch of our palaces. This includes our minds (the Gate), our thoughts (the Courtyard), our decisions (the Foyer), our hearts (the Throne Room) and our bodies (the Grounds). It is our job, not only to watch what goes in and out of our palaces, but to place King Jesus firmly on the throne, in the Throne Room of our hearts, that He may lead us and give us guidance as we do our jobs.

God has been amazing and wonderful! My first run of books have almost sold out, in less than a year! Wow that blows my mind as a new author. Remember when I shared my adventures in this post? Seems like forever ago.

Well, the Lord has made a way for me to order more books and they are almost here! I sent in my re-order form last week for 100 books. Normally, it takes at least 20 business days for the books to print, then another 5 or so for shipping. Well I have a conference I'm attending next weekend so I prayed in faith that God will somehow make a way...and did He ever!
Not only were the books printed in 7 days, they were shipped as well! They are scheduled to arrive this Tues...that is less than 2 weeks from when I sent the form and exactly 3 days from the conference!! Praise God!

I am giving you all a chance to pre-order your copy online now, so you can receive your book as soon as possible. All pre-orders will receive a free bookmark. As a special Christmas promotion (it's not that far away, ahhh) starting now until the end of the year, if you buy more than one book, shipping is free! I will also be doing special gifting, so if you would like that second book shipped to a different address for the holidays, let me know in the message to seller their name and address, and I will wrap it up nice with fancy paper and a note, and ship it for you! Pretty sweet huh?

Also, I thought it would be cool to give one lucky winner a free E-book edition of "The Palace Keepers" below! This is compatible with any PC or tablet device. The giveaway will go through the weekend and end on Monday, the 15th at 12am. Thank you all for your support and love! I'm so blessed by everyone and I want to give back. May the Lord guide you today & always xoxo

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  1. wow jacy! congrats on becoming a published author!! I would really love to read your book..i know it's a message that I need and appreciate reading :)


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