Monday, October 8, 2012

Boosterthon Fun Run (Support Ciera Cameron!)

Over the weekend, I received an email from my cousin Idalia. She lives in South Carolina and her daughter Ciera just started kindergarten. 

 First day of exciting :)

Ciera's school is participating in a fundraiser called Boosterthon Fun Run. Instead of the usual wrapping paper catalogs or chocolate bars, the children will be participating in a "marathon" run. How cool is that?!
The goal is promote health, fitness and leadership.
Idalia contacted me to help support Ciera. I also thought it would be an awesome opportunity to share it with you guys, as well, and give you all a chance to support her!
We are asking for pledges to support Ciera for every lap she successfully completes. Boosterthon states most students run 25-35 laps. The maximum allowed is 35 laps. This number is an average from K-5th graders...this can be used for determining your maximum contribution.
You can pledge $1, $2, etc. per lap she completes or you can make a one time flat rate donation of any dollar amount you wish. Any contribution you make is tax deductible.
The pledge money is due one week after the event which is scheduled for October 11, 2012. Checks can be made payable to River Dell Elementary.
Boosterthon also has a perk in the program called "Pass it Forward". Once Ciera reaches $7 per lap in donations a child in the local children's hospital will receive a basketball hoop set.
I love that idea!!

Here is some background info about this unique and awesome program for kids
(from their website):
The Boosterthon Fun Run is a 9-day, values-based fundraising program that teaches students about Fitness, Leadership, and Character. This year's Boosterthon character campaign is Highway USA! Students will be "on the road to good choices," learning what it means to make the choices that count. Students will learn to:
  • Choose Leadership
  • Choose Character
  • Choose Learning
  • Choose Fitness
  • Choose A Good Attitude 
I am so excited about this cool program...isn't it awesome?! Wish we had this in school. Those catalogs were the death of me lol

If you will like to support Ciera in her run, please go here to pledge!

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