Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Toddler Activity: Watercolor Bubble Paper

Here we are in mid June. School is either out or just about over and soon your house will have little people filled with big energy. Whether you're a mommy to one cute toddler (here!) or a couple of crazy kiddos, one thing is for sure...they need something to do. I'm all about creating fun, interactive activities that encourage creativity and incorporates a child's personality into the craft.

Bubbles are such a summer time staple. Combined with watercolor paints and large sheets of paper, toddlers and kids of all ages will have a blast blowing colorful bubbles and making art!

Here's what you'll need:
  • A quarter or half of an egg carton (depends on how many different colors you want)
  • watercolor paint tubes, non-toxic and washable
  • bubble solution and wand
  • large sheets of white paper (the thicker, the better)

Normally when you create watercolor paint, you mix the paint with water. For this activity, use the bubble solution as a substitute. Fill each egg carton section with about 1 tablespoon of bubble solution. Then add a drop or two of watercolor paint in each, creating as many colors as you'd like. Use a small spoon or a straw to stir the paint into the solution.

For this next step, use your discretion. I have a toddler so I knew that if I laid an old tablecloth on the floor covered in paper, it would be a fun and messy activity that would keep his attention. For older kids, you can just cover a tabletop with the paper. Totally up to you. Or take this activity outside! I will have to try that next time.

Give them the bubble wand, paints and step back, mama! Or just stand by and get sprayed in the face like I did. Show the child how to blow the special bubble paint onto the paper or at least in that direction. You can practice different techniques like blowing the bubbles closer or farther away to get different size drips. David had a much better time going the Jackson Pollock route and flinging the paint across the paper. Well, he flung the paint and it just so happened the paper caught it! Either way, he had fun and improvised when the paint spilled by using his fingers and toes.

See all the cool effects on the paper? It was really neat when the bubbles stay on the paper and David popped them. Now I have to figure out an awesome craft where I can use all this beautiful paper!

Do you have a summer craft bucket list with your kiddo/kiddo?
Share an activity you're planning on doing this season in the comments, I'd love to know.


  1. I saw a project on another blog that I am planning on doing with Sophia. She put some painters tape on a canvas and let her little girl paint all over it. Then she took off the painters tape (she had used it to make stripes) and hung it on her wall. It was super cute :) I will link it for you, I bet David would love it too! :)


    1. I love this!! David would totally have a blast. Thanks for sharing! I saw something similar a few months ago but forgot about it. We'll be updating his room soon so this would be perfect.


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