Friday, June 13, 2014

Rockport Family Vacation: Part 3

One thing you need to know when you have the ocean as your backyard is that sunrises and sunsets are absolutely breathtaking. You don't seem to mind only four hours of sleep when you get to see the most beautiful vision of colors and light. David sure enjoyed it. He also really enjoyed throwing practically every rock in Rockport into the water. Can't say I wasn't right there with him. It's easy fun!

I mentioned in Part 2 that one of my favorite shops was 8 bells. Well, another shop that I've always adored is Paper Mermaid. So many cute paper crafts, cards and heart was exploding, folks. I didn't browse as long as I wanted for the simple reason of avoiding the temptation to buy out the entire store. What's so cool about it is one half is pure crafty awesomeness for mama and the other half is fun, unique toys for the kiddos!  

Our trip ended on a very sweet and sentimental note. The Monday we left was Memorial Day. There was a parade through the center of Rockport followed by a nice ceremony near the docks. It was amazing to me the unity in the air and as the Reverend prayed to the Lord through the microphone, I felt hope for this country. Soldiers fought for our freedom and God has a plan for us all. We prayed for the families of lost loved ones. And His peace filled me. It's easy to talk bad about this country but the truth is, we are so blessed. While we still are able to, we should worship and give God praise for the freedom we have.

I'm so happy to be doing life with this man and our son. 5 years It hasn't always been easy but I'm so thankful I get to go through it all with him. This trip really was therapy for our family. We got to spend three amazing days in one another's presence, making memories, laughing, smiling, soaking up the surroundings and really enjoying what God has created. If we could afford to move there, we would ask no questions and just go. I can't wait to take David again when he's a bit older so he will have his own memories to carry in his heart.

Have you ever vacationed somewhere you'd love to live?


  1. That looks gorgeous! I want to go on vacation. Soon, I hope! I've vacationed a few times in Portland and would love to live there!

    1. Thanks Amy! It is a lovely place. I've never been to Portland but I would love to visit. Hope you get a much deserved break soon :)


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