Thursday, June 19, 2014

Awesome Sponsors: June Spotlight

Hello hello beauties! It's that time this month to share the lovely ladies on my sidebar. You know, that thing on the right that's bombarded with crazy amount of buttons and links. Among them are some seriously talented women who I've grown to adore so much. Also to envy a little bit. Each one is talented in an area that I am not, which is more of a reason to share them with the world.

Meet the beautiful Jessica from the adorable online shop Grasshopper Lane Boutique. She sews like nobody's business. Her handmade clothes are just so cute and she's currently running a sale on everything patriotic! Custom orders are welcome, so head on over here to check out her shop and don't forget to use coupon code HelloAwesome10 to receive 10% off any items. You can also connect with Jessica on Instagram and Facebook.

Danielle is the sweet soul behind the uplifting as inspiring blog Danielle Faith. Through obstacles and storm, she has remained brave. I just love her enthusiasm and spirit. You will too. Not only does she share some pretty sweet blogging tips but Danielle also shares some ideas on real life, like how to save money for summer vacations. Follow Danielle on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Can I gush for a minute how much I love Aleisha from Britches & Boots? I absolutely love her funny, real-life family stories and how her faith shines through everything she does. Not only does she blog but she also runs a sweet little shop called Bliss Baby Designs. Be sure to follow her on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Slate Grey Knit Cowl

A funny thing about this online world is how you can connect with people you've never met but you know if you ever did, you'd be super BFF's instantly. That's how I feel about Aleks. If we lived next door to one another, our husbands would never see us. We'd probably be blasting Christian music while crafting all night! I had the pleasure of designing the logo for her blog A Slocum Story. Aleks loves to share inspirational stories and has an amazing guest post series about how people have overcome hardships and trials. She also creates adorable little softies and cowls! Find them right here. Be sure to connect with Aleks on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

I seriously have a soft spot in my heart for each of these amazing women. Do you have a blog or shop that you'd love to advertise? I would love to help you out. Sponsorships are open and stats are in. Use code AWESOME15 for 15% off any ad spot! I can't wait to get to know you!
If you have any questions, shoot me an email at and check out the Sponsor page for our disclaimer.

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