Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dear David...{Modest is NOT Hottest: Letter 17}

Dear David...

One of the biggest things about being your mama is making sure you honor and respect women. In a world where anything goes, what will never fly with your daddy and I is treating ladies like their not ladies. You know what I mean. Well, not yet, but you will eventually.

Recently, the phrase "Modest is Hottest" has been spoken a few times around me. It got me to think. I used to agree with it. Sounds cool, right? We are so hot because we are modest and not like those "other" girls. Kinda makes us feel powerful and like modesty has a purpose. 

Well, David, modesty does have a purpose and it goes much deeper than just "hot." Modesty is a form of preservation of the heart, mind, soul AND body...not just what we wear. The Bible says that we should not be conformed to this world. I'll take it further: neither should pure Christian values be subject to the language of the ungodly. The term "hot" promotes a sensual, sexually feeling. Does that sound modest? I don't think so.

Modest is NOT hottest. Modest is holiness. 

When a young lady covers her body in a way that pleases the Almighty God, it shouldn't be seen as "hot." Would the Lord use that term? We want to make dressing modestly an acceptable thing but it only matters because it's acceptable to God. A woman's heart is reflected in her wardrobe. Why else would some defend what they wear by saying "I dress for me, not for anyone else"? God cares just as much about the image woman portray through clothing as the very heart that chose what to put on. It is important to Him and we want to think it isn't. Even worse, we want to believe that the world AND the church accepts a modest wardrobe as the hottest thing ever instead of the holiest thing ever. 

It's by all means okay to be attracted to modestly dressed girls, but it should be a reflection of the holiness standards they have. Ladies who don't bare all and save those images for their husband should be applauded. In our church, they are. Just be aware that words have meanings and we must be purposeful when using them. Before you go around saying something, find out what it means and if God's okay with it.

I don't think God is okay with people calling his daughter's hot. I don't think the King of kings approves of the term being used for the modestly dressed princesses that will inherit the throne some day. No. He thinks of them much higher than that. And so should you. The Lord Jesus has called his adopted little girls to holiness. This calling means we no longer wear the clothing that represents poverty in sin. We have a new destiny!

So if you ever hear the phrase "Modest is Hottest", check your mindset. Remember that modesty is defined by the Lord's terms not the world's terms. It only took words for God to create the world. Let's not allow the world to use one word to dirty the holiness that is modesty.



  1. Hi Jacy,
    I'm right with you here. I've thought about this, too, what with all the "modest is hottest" boards on Pinterest. I'm pretty sure people mean "attractive" when they say "hot," but our words do matter and so I think some other term should be used. But I'm not sure what. People are trying to relate to today's culture when they say "modest is hottest," and saying "modest is more attractive" doesn't get the same meaning across. Actually, I'm not sure we have to say anything about modesty being more attractive, we just need to let our light shine, and if that is not attraction enough, then we don't want the attention of those who are attracted to the light.
    Anyway, David is very blessed to have a mom like you.
    Bless you
    Kathleen from Pinterest

  2. I agree that modest is holiness!


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