Monday, August 5, 2013

Dear David...{Here We Are: Letter 9}

 >>>>Photography Credit: J&S Photography <<<<
Dear David...

Well, here we are.
You are 15 months and started walking everywhere. Remote controls and Jackie's crate are some of your favorite things at the moment.You took your first real steps at 11 months but had no interest in continuing until now. Daddy got a {well-deserved} raise at his job and Mommy's business is taking off. The summer is coming to an end and it has been eventful and amazing. These are just little things I want to remember about this moment...the biggest thing is how much we have grown as a family.

I have to admit, it is easy to forget how truly blessed we are {I am.} We had our first real family photo shoot this past Saturday and looking at the photos made my heart swell. There is nothing more beautiful than having a family. To laugh with, play with, grow with...we are not perfect but we can uplift and encourage one another.

Here's the reality: there may come a time as you grow older, you may start to resent us. You might even feel hatred towards Daddy and Mommy. Emotions, adolescence, friends, independence will take over your life and your priorities might slip. I know, I've been there.

When you feel you are alone, I want you to look at these photos. You can be 15 or doesn't matter. I want you to see our faces; the true love that Daddy & Mommy have/feel for our boy. You are our world and though there may be moments it doesn't seem that way, just know that whatever you do, our hearts will not sway away from loving you. You will make mistakes but we won't love you any less. You will fall, but we will be there to help you up. You will cry, scream, yell, have a broken heart...and we will promise to always be available. Open. Listen. Ready to hold you and pick you back up.

Remember that, David. We are a family and God honors that. Even before His glorious church, family was/is priority. Daddy & Mommy have spent many nights talking to Grandma & Grandpa; crying, learning, growing. They were/are always there for us, ministering to our hearts and minds. And Daddy & Mommy will be there for you too. Always.

So as the years past and you start to feel different, please remember that our love will never differ. Your actions do not dictate the level of love we have for you. You can never out grow our love. Here we are...and here we will stay.



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