Sunday, August 26, 2012

Word of the Day: Distraction

Yup. One word yet SO much power.
The power of distraction, that is.

I actually have been thinking about this word more and more lately.
It probably is because I have so much I want to do and so much I need to do {two different things} that the lines get blurred and I end up doing nothing! Feel me?

I was organized at some point in my life but then life takes different turns and you find yourself spinning from them all. I am in NO way an expert at how to keep things together, believe me, but I do want to encourage someone today. As I am typing this, it took me about an hour to even get to clicking the "New Post" button!

Before that, it was "Email" then "Facebook" then "Twitter" then "Email" again then opening "Photoshop" to go through some photos because I needed to return an "Email"...blah. That was NOT what I wanted to do! haha I had planned on sitting down and writing blog posts...but I was easily distracted.

This is kinda scary because I realize how easy I get distracted now and it makes me wonder...God, am I leaving you out? I mean, I pray and read the Bible. I talk to Him daily and sing praises. However, deep in my heart, I can't help but I just go from "Prayer" to "Bible" to "Prayer" to "Bible" to "Worship Song" without really listening to His voice? Seems like a silly question, but think about it. If my heart is not connecting right in prayer and the scriptures, and I'm just checking off my spiritual to-do list, was it a distraction from actually listening to what God needed to say to me that day??

Prayer and Bible reading is essential. I'm not saying if we do it, it's a distraction from God. That would be quite dumb if I meant it that way. What I'm saying is, we can get distracted by our own voices in prayer and distracted by those "feel good" scriptures we like to read, without getting deep and listening to what God really wants for us to hear...does that make sense? We can get distracted by our daily traditions and feel good but God is in the background asking "What about me? Isn't prayer suppose to be conversation between us? Aren't I suppose to guide you to the scriptures that will prick your heart?"

Here is my prayer right now:
Lord Jesus, you know how easy I can get distracted, especially in my daily life.
God help me to be organized and prioritize, not just my time, but my thoughts and my intentions.
I don't want to be distracted from hearing Your voice and listening to what You want to tell me.
Let me not get caught up in my spiritual traditions but let me approach You first for guidance. Amen.

What prayer is on your heart today? Share below and let us pray for one another, in Jesus Name!


  1. Funny you ask about what prayer I've said today. I actually wrote down The Serenity Prayer into my study journal today. I love that prayer. :)

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  3. Ohhh Liz, that is a great one!! I totally need to pray that as well, Lord bless you :)


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