Monday, July 29, 2013

Dear David...{Good vs Evil: Letter 8}

I've started a series of letters to my baby boy, that (hopefully) one day he will get to read and (hopefully) be inspired by (if not embarrassed by)

Dear David...

So mommy has been thinking a lot lately. Surprise surprise.

I've been thinking about how to teach you about God and His ways. Then I thought about how scary this world is and how modern day Christians have ruined Jesus' good name. I'm not saying every Christian, son...just those who are not discerning.

You see, we as believers have a lot of knowledge about God and we feel differently than non-believers. The Bible says that the real battle of good and evil is not in our human hands, in our flesh, but it takes place on a spiritual level (Ephesians 6:12) But there are too many of us arguing, fighting, yelling, shouting our beliefs in the face of people who oppose God and His church. This is just not how we should act, my boy.

Let me clarify: you must be bold and stand firm in what you believe. You have nothing to fear (1 Timothy 1:7) and all power lies in Christ Jesus our Lord. The problem lies when we waste our time and our breath with those whose heart are hardened and not ready to receive. His Word stands on it's own; we do not add to it's strength by trying to use our own.

Society has turned good into evil and evil into good. What once was wrong is now being accepted and what once was right is now being condemned. Though on the surface it seems that people are the cause of these issues, the battle is spiritual. There are dark forces at work against good. This is not a new concept, son. It all started in the garden (Genesis 3).

But how do we, as Christians, deal with this change?
How do we act when approached with criticism and condemnation?

I want you to know, David, that you do not owe anyone anything except for our God, the Lord Jesus Christ. You do not have to entertain these spirits by engaging in debates or arguments. You can respond with love and careful words. Pray for them. Remember that they are a product of their circumstance just as much as you (and I) are. Approach them with a compassionate heart, not closed fists.

God doesn't change. Not even for us Christians, regardless what some believe. His ways stand and His words are eternal. He set the standard and truth, and it doesn't matter what happens, He is still in control. Don't lose your patience with a world who has lost God. He is here, waiting for us all to turn to Him. Remind yourself that the more you scream, shout, fight with your entire being cannot change an evil heart.

But a soft word, a calm approach, a peaceful conversation can make more of an impact (Proverbs 15:1).

For the record, mommy doesn't argue with folks who are not ready to hear the truth. I have saved my strength to minister to the broken, those who are hurting and are in search for a holy hospital. Those who understand that something is not right but they don't know what to do or where to turn. Yet they are seeking and hoping and praying for clarity and charity. We cannot approach everyone in this world as evil doers, ready with our swords to slay them. No, son. There are some who need open hands and a warm embrace. For an eager ear to listen and for a clean heart to love them.

Be that, David. Don't mimic the loud trumpets of the church who sound off just to be heard and to be right. Be like Christ; humble and wise, knowing when to speak and when to just listen (John 6:35). Because, honestly, between the accusations and the evil darts, people just want to be loved. Be love, my son. Above all else, be love.


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