Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What I Wore {While Writing}: Nerd Glasses Tank

First, I want to clarify something: I don't iron. Well I know how but to me it is optional. And I usually opt out of it {see above photos for proof.} Oh yeah and just to warn you...this short post is laced with links.

Now that the important issues are out of the way, can we talk about this cute nerd glasses tank?! I love it! It is fitted and comfortable. Also bright and cute; two very necessary things when it comes to my wardrobe. Wearing bright colors puts me in a great mood. I feel empowered and fun. It really helps with keeping a positive attitude as I write. PS: this is not my office space. We had a flood last month in the basement and my current desk is MIA. So I've setup shop on our buffet table in the dining room for now. I have to say, I kinda like the location better!

Here is the breakdown:
- Ralph Lauren Cotton Khaki Skirt, thrifted from Savers {best place EVER.}
- No Boundaries, Multicolor Glasses Tank Top, Walmart
- Merona Yellow Cardigan, Target
- Ralph Lauren Polo Plaid Sneakers, Journeys {I think.}

If you're wondering about the book I am holding, it is an awesome read. I'm almost done with it but I already highly recommend. You will see me dressed in this #WIWWW series (almost like WIWW/ What I Wore Wednesday but with a spin) that I don't wear pants. It is a personal lifestyle choice for me based on my relationship with Jesus. The book is called "The Girl in the Dress" and it talks about holiness and modesty. I've had the privilege of meeting the author Lori Wager two years ago during our young ladies conference and she gave me confidence to write my book on purity. Her book is available on her website or in eBook form on Amazon.

Oh and ignore what is behind the curtain...just a way to dress up a buffet table and create extra storage. Like more of these tank tops!

All opinions are my own. I have not received any compensation from the mentioned companies above.
 This is NOT a sponsored post.

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