Wednesday, April 4, 2012

{JJ&M} journaling series: The Sea of Life...

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The sea of life.
Is it meant to have so many waves, or do we create more than are suppose to be? I believe when we try and do things our way, instead of letting things be, then we cause unnecessary things to happen. We are the ones that make life harder. Not the Lord.
Even though following His way can be hard, we know in our hearts it's the right thing. We don't always know if following our way is right. So why do we? Because we're human. Our own free will is just as much of a curse as a gift.  We love it and hate it, at the same time.

God's timing is everything. Our timing is nothing. We will always want "more" or "now"...but we will never know when or how things will end up. He does. He knows. So, we must trust the Lord.

I pray for patience. The patience that everything that I believe will happen, will in time. The patience so I can live for now, today, instead of dwelling into the future. The passion I have inside, I've never had before. So this love that I have is deeper than anything, and I can't help but crave the future and what this love can bring. I want certain things more than hurts when I think about it. And just thinking about how that love is returned, it's incredible.

I pray for patience...the day we want, will come... <3

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