Friday, March 30, 2012

Nursery Update: When Blessings & Chaos Meet!

Okay guys. One thing to note before I move on is I'm pretty much a control freak. Add pregnancy hormones/nesting urges and I'm a nightmare. Hm...thought that would have felt better confessing but maybe it will later!

Anyways we have been SO blessed by my parents...they offered to pay for new flooring in the nursery, yay :)

I mean, come boy cannot have a pink carpet...
a pink shirt, sure, but NOT his floor!
This is an old pic but you see what I mean?! This mauve/pink has been driving us nuts.

So even though I'm 35.5 weeks pregnant, still waiting for my last baby shower and have already finished all of the nursery decorating *sigh* my handsome hubby & I removed EVERYTHING from the room so that the flooring can be done.
Crazy right?

Can't lie, I was in freak-control mode for a couple of days...especially after handsome hubby came up with the bright idea of also re-doing OUR bedroom flooring  in the process, since it sports the same ungodly, awful carpet. I'm not being really was a bright idea! I mean, why not right? 

 We will be putting this same flooring in the rooms. How beautiful, right? Yeah yeah I know Jackie is...but look at the floor! Gorgeous!

Better now than AFTER the baby...yet I couldn't help listing things in my mind, like...

What if I have the baby this week and the nursery is not done?
What if the nursery gets done, but our room is trashed and THEN the baby arrives?
What if his clothing/toys get dirty after I just washed them?
What if his bedding gets ruined after I just made them?
What if they scrape the walls, I have no paint left!
What if, this, that, the other crazy thing on my mind...blah, blah, blah...

Then, in just a few moments, after a couple of words of wisdom from my handsome man and a deep breath, I felt God's peace. He just provided this HUGE blessing and I was worried about the follow through. I say I trust Him but do I really? When I don't see how things are going to work out, do I really understand what it means to give it to God?

As I stared at all of the nursery furniture in my hallway...

... and the unfinished wood floor in the room (which looks awesome btw)...

I realized how silly I was being!
So what if the room is a mess? The baby is not here yet!
So what if our room is trashed when he arrives? We have a couch bed!
The Lord changed my perspective and granted me rational wisdom. This is not in my's in HIS! And I'm not the one who has to do re-do the flooring, so why am I worrying?

I am so grateful for a God who cares about the small things because after all, everything is small compared to God! He loves this baby more than I ever will and I have to be more flexible with what life throws at me...especially with a child. Thank you Jesus, for always providing what I need, physically and spiritually. Thank you for Your love that is unconditional and preparing me for motherhood.
I will learn to trust my husband more and to follow God's my handsome man put it, we can only do so much...thankfully, we have a God who can do anything!!


  1. What a beautiful pup! And I love the floor as well


  2. Thanks, Mo! She knows it too :)


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