Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's Official...I'm a Self-Published Author!!


That's all I could say when I burst open the box of books that sat in my foyer. I couldn't wait to see all of the hard work, hours of study and prayer, compacted in 170 pages, bound in a glossy cover with my original artwork gracing it. Then I saw my name at the bottom...

You know, being a writer was always something I wanted to do. I just was so self-conscious as a kid, and used my writing mostly to journal and create poetry. Plus, my art skills were developed first so I was excited about that exceeding. Also, the "real world" usually tries to convince young minds that something as different and cool as being an author or an artist were dream jobs, but not realistically attainable.

Well I want to tell the "real world" that dreams are real and they can come true!! The awesome part of my story is that I didn't get to write what I originally wanted. Hear me out. I used to write mysteries and sometimes graphic stories. That all changed when one night, I had an experience with the The Great Creator and Author, the Lord Jesus Christ!

He let me know that He loved me and that He would deliver me from my sins. He gave me a vision and set me on a path that transformed my life, and heart. This is not just a book...this is a piece of my re-birth in Christ. You will find my entire testimony in the foreword...

It's called "The Palace Keepers" and it's about emotional purity, a subject that NEEDS to be addressed in this generation. Enough talking, here is the book summary and where you can pick up your very own copy! It's also available as a Kindle edition, which is compatible with the most popular electronic devices...

"In her debut, new author Jacy Lee Pulford brings forth “the most overlooked problem today” of emotional purity. This book features her personal testimony, thought-provoking questions and Biblical references to help us gain the right knowledge in keeping a clean heart. Learn about how a physical palace relates to our spiritual palace; our mind (The Gate), our thoughts (The Courtyard), our decisions (The Foyer), our hearts (The Throne Room) and our bodies (The Grounds). Find out who King Jesus really is, what He expects of us as our own Palace Keeper and equip yourself with the right tools, such as The Word, Prayer, Obedience and Discernment.
In a generation where sin in glorified and purity is mocked, protecting only your body is not enough. Purity is more than just sexual abstinence. Influences are trying to enter your palace, but King Jesus has assigned you an important job to take care of what goes in and out. He has called you to be a Palace Keeper…are you ready?"



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