Wednesday, March 28, 2012

{JJ&M} journaling series: Thoughts in Poems, Part 2

{entries are edited to protect names & identities}

My Prayer
Since I don't know what to do,
I leave it up to you
Majesty of faith,
What is my fate?
It must be a good thing,
Look at all the joy you bring
Who am I or who will I be?
Majesty of charity,
I feel you near me
Can you open my eyes to see?
Restart my heart to breathe?
Suffocating for a world that turned it's back,
I keep spinning & losing where I'm at
Majesty of eternity,
Can you please stop me?
Before I hurt someone I love,
Before I lose myself...

Point Blank Range
 Pointed like a knife,
Sharp and right
Who turned off the light?
Tossing during the quiet night,
Uneasy is blessed with a guilty conscience
Deep in the chest of the innocent
Point blank range,
Corrupt and deranged
Need to start a new page, but their all full
Like a sheep with no wool
Out of the water, I guess I'm a fish
That doesn't mean I can't still wish
Curled up in a ball of love,
Praying to the One above
Feeling the familiarity
Notice the insecurity
Stab it in the center,
Then everything will
be better...

The power of persuasion,
Leave no room for compensation
It's a lose, lose situation
Feel the vibration,
Of the influential drums
Go with it,
Until you've become numb...

Spirit Parade
A wave
A spirit parade
Peace be with you
Inside the flesh grave
The wind blows
Slow, at first
Now feel the burst
Tears stream like a stream
Down the seam of an eye
Hold onto the night
As the warmth swarms up the arms,
and into the heart
He presents His presence
and it has yet to part...

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  1. those are lovely poems.



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