Monday, August 29, 2011

It's not you,'s me...

Okay, as I'm sitting here on my over-heated laptop, in my bedroom at 10 o'clock at night, my mind was taken back to my original dream for this blog.

I wanted it to be more than a digital diary...Lord knows you don't need to hear all of my junk, you have your own! Ha but seriously...I so wanted to provide an outlet for useful information and promotions. Such as branding your business tips, features of handmade/vintage artists/crafters that I adore, inspirational quotes and photos.

Right now, I'm filled to the brim with inspiration and feel so guilty that in my busyness, has caused separation between us. Blog, I love you...please don't hate me. It's not's me. I know I haven't checked in with you in a while and you've felt neglected...I promise, I will be a better blogger. The one I originally promised I would be.

Blog, thanks for being patient with my crazy schedule and absent mind. You are worth more than that! I will change...I will be better...just, please, give me one more chance? ;)

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