Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stay Positive, You Are Awesome!

Okay, lately I've had soooo many people around me bummed about different things going on in their life. Online and offline, people are struggling and trying to keep their heads above the water. I don't have all the answers, but we have a God that does. I can't tell you exactly how beautiful you are, but we have a Lord who cherishes you above rubies.

I'm encouraging each one of you to start doing daily affirmations every day! After your daily devotion with God, allow yourself to edify and encourage your own heart. We need to start telling ourselves that we can do anything through Christ!!

Think on these things:

*I'm awesome because God is awesome!
*I'm a sinner and I'm not perfect, but I'm loved and redeemed by His blood!
*I'm a child of God and He has made me special!
*God has blessed me with gifts to bless others!
*He opened this door for me because He believes in me, and I need to too!
*God knows where I am and where I'm going!
*I was made with something to offer this world!
*Enemies are voices that tear down what Jesus is trying to build up!
*Happiness is found in our self-worth. We were worth Christ's life on the cross!
*I won't give into any spirits that are trying to turn around what God has done!
*I'm above negativity because Jesus paid the price for me!
*I am destined for greatness because He created me for times such as these!

Smile, keep your head up and be your best cheerleader! The world is going to do a job of knocking you down and tearing your identity to don't have to join them ;)

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  1. Thank you for this, I needed to read this today. You are always so encouraging and inspiring. I am blessed to know you. :)


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