Monday, February 7, 2011

Pass the Tissues, Please?

Aw man, it has been a while and now I am battling a cold :(
I really do apologize for not keeping up but wow time flies when you are having fun! (Not fun now 'cuz I have the chills and sniffles.)
I did want to take some time to share new photos of the shop I am in. You can see my products on the wall behind the counter and in the light wooden cabinet. Its only been open 7 days as of today, and I am praying that it takes off! It is a relief to be done with the craziness and focus on my commissioned work. So far, so good! I am pretty excited about the buzz surrounding the shop and my art business. I feel the spring time will be a busy time for me! *crosses fingers*

Right now I'm just trying to focus on getting better so it doesn't hold up my work. The snow has been insane and I think it was the weather change that got to me...and I was so motivated yesterday about the Monday work day! Now my time is being spent with lots of liquids and favorite!! lol :)

I posted this last time but if you are in the New England area, check out the new local handmade shop, owned by my friend Lauri.
"Hidden Treasures" 143 Main Street in Agawam, MA! 
Tucked quaintly behind the Main Street Deli.
Official Grand Opening with the Mayor will be this Fri, Feb 11th 
at 3:30pm!!

Hours are Mon-Sun, 10am-7pm

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