Saturday, January 29, 2011

Life isn't about finding yourself. It's about creating yourself.

Alright, finally I have a little time to post some pictures! I know I said I'd have them up by yeaterday...didn't happen, obviously lol
I have so much work to still do to prepare my work for the shop! Off I go, but enjoy the small pieces of my chaotic adventures haha

 Glimpse of my painting that I will sell :)
 Wishing tags from our wedding. Each one has a little message from our friends and family. Reading them puts me in an instant good mood! I love them so much!
 Can I get a witness?! Can you relate?! ha
Lists, lists and more lists keeps the heart happy!
 Hmmm, Mr. Clock can you give me more time?
 Inside the shop! Post product craziness...I will post pictures of the final decor when I stop there on Monday.
 The beautiful cabinet that will display handmade jewelry. I love it!
Hopefully the snow melts before we officially open!
 The artist at work :)
 Just the beginning...

 The famous happy how it came out!
 Hummingbird enjoying a snack...
"Life isn't about finding yourself. It's about creating yourself."

Stay tuned for more!
Also, don't forget if you are in the New England area to check out the new local handmade shop 
"Hidden Treasures" on Main Street in Agawam, MA! 
Tucked quaintly behind the Main Street Deli.
Opens Feb 1st (this Tuesday)! Official Grand Opening with the Mayor will be Fri, Feb 11th 
at 3:30pm!!

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