Thursday, July 3, 2014

Modest Fashion Challenge: Day 2 + 3

You guys, I did it!! Even though I didn't post yesterday (or technically get dressed but whatever) today I actually followed through and now here are Day 2 and Day 3 style challenges! If you recall, I'm participating in a July modest style challenge hosted by the lovely Chandra from Momomod. You can read about it here.

Day 2 was "Stripes" so I had to try something festive for July 4th. I love this red vintage cardigan with striped cuffs. The shirt is also matching stripes but can you believe it was purchased separate? Like not meant as a set? Crazy good. I also had to throw in my navy and white polka dot skirt and white bow heels. This was going to be my church outfit before the weather got scary and we stayed home. The tote is from our Rockport trip and even though the blue is off, it's stripes and it's gorgeous.

And Day 3 makes today, which is Thrifted Thursday! Which is awesome since 95.5% of my wardrobe is thrifted. I absolutely love this floral flowy skirt I bought a few months ago. It actually is handmade (you can totally tell by the stitching and cut) but it fits me so good. I threw on top a white vintage sheer cotton dress with lace detail, kelly green tee and a classic black cardigan with a detailed edge. My heavily used black flats are the only thing not thrifted.

A few things learned from this challenge already:
#1 I really hate "posing" for pictures.
#2 I'm ridiculously awkward at anything graceful, like "posing" for pictures
#3 I desperately need new clothes. Here I come Savers! Well, in September when they have their 50% off clothing Labor Day sale.

From now on, I'm going to do my best to post every day like a good lil' blogger.

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July, wow! We have yet to figure out what we'll be doing to celebrate. What have you planned for the weekend?

**Continue to follow me in this challenge on my Instagram! I'll no longer post here due to lack of interest and some amazing upcoming DIY posts. Thanks.**

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