Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Modest Fashion Challenge | Day 1: Favorite Skirt

Welp! Here I go trying another 30 day challenge. What am I thinking, right? We all know I flunked the 30-day Remix challenge, the Art is Life challenge (which I WILL finish one day) and Breaking the Chains 30-day devotional series. Well, at least that last one I finished off-line and turned it to an uplifting ebook! That counts, right?

When I heard that fellow Apostolic blogger Chandra was having a modest style challenge, I knew I had to try! Being a work-at-home mama makes it easy to chill in pjs all day. My clothing style has really suffered and I've been thinking about reviving it lately. It's easy to get away from taking care of yourself. So for the month of July, I'll be actually styling an outfit and getting dressed every day ! Not to mention sharing it here and on Instagram.

This first post seems so boring but hey I'm NOT a fashion blogger! I just dream of being one. My favorite skirt right now is this Oscar de la Renta dark demin jean skirt. The length is perfect for me and the jean isn't too stiff. It can be dressed up or down, a huge plus for this momma. I did have to customize the side seams to fit my body type but overall it's the perfect jean skirt in the history of ever!

To be honest, I wasn't going to do this challenge but then I remembered what I wrote in the last letter to David. Doing this modest fashion challenge in July is the perfect way to be an example to my son about the beauty of holiness when it comes to clothing.

Come join me!! I've teamed up with my good friend Sarah from Hazel and Bean to do this challenge together. So if you are feeling unsure about participating, grab a friend and have some fun! Follow our daily style challenges on Instagram using hashtag #modestinjuly

**Continue to follow me in this challenge on my Instagram! I'll no longer post here due to lack of interest and some amazing upcoming DIY posts. Thanks.**

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