Friday, July 4, 2014

Modest Fashion Challenge; Day 4

Happy Independence Day beauties!

Today was super rainy and yucky but I still managed to get dressed AND get photos for the challenge (thanks babe!) The challenge was red, white or blue but what can I say...I thought of color block so that's what I did. I know, I'm such a rebel.

It's too bad the weather is awful. This day has not felt like the normal holiday at all but I still got to spend some special quality time with my husband and son. Actually, while my son napped, we spent time in the garage creating some new things! I married a very handyman and it pays off for sure. So be prepared for more tutorials and new shop items.

Enjoy your evening! If you live in an area that the weather is good and you're headed to the fireworks tonight, I'd love to see some. Tag me on Instagram @helloawesomeshop xoxo

**Continue to follow me in this challenge on my Instagram! I'll no longer post here due to lack of interest and some amazing upcoming DIY posts. Thanks.**

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