Thursday, June 12, 2014

Rockport Family Vacation: Part 2

One of the greatest things about Rockport is walking down Bearskin Neck and looking at all of the cute little shops. My absolute favorite is called 8 Bells. Anchors, typography signs, teal frames, clocks, photography, handmade goodies, fine's a dream in there, ladies. There's so much creative goodness to look at! And outside, which always draws me back.

We stayed at Captain's Bounty and was blessed with a kitchenette, which is pretty much necessary when traveling with a toddler. The awesome part about staying here is that not only is it affordable but the backyard is literally a beach! Every morning and night David would constantly chant "water, water, water" as he heard the waves crashing. It's been almost two weeks and he still talks about the "water" and "beech".

My husband (doesn't he look so handsome baby wearing? seriously), David and I strolled around for most of our trip. We ate at the most adorable ice cream parlor called The Ice Cream Store and had fantastic lobster lunch at Roy Moore's Fish Shack Restaurant.  Roy is the name of the owner and he also runs a smaller seafood shop down Bearskin Neck. He is always present at one of the locations, right in there with the staff working and interacting with customers. They catch all the seafood themselves and you can tell. So fresh and tasty. We go there religiously at least once a day, however many days we are staying in town.

It was also so adorable watching my boy stop at every (and I mean every) sewer grate to point out the letters. I'm proud to say that he knows the entire alphabet at age two (#parentingwin).

If you missed it, here is Part 1 of our Rockport trip. Don't worry, just one more post left about our vacation, then we can get back to the regular programming. Whatever that is.

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