Thursday, September 26, 2013

Desire to Inspire: To The Ugly Girl...

I'm sharing with you today something I had written for a while. It's only been a few days without blogging but I felt led to publish this post. Maybe it was just for me or maybe it's for you...I pray that you will hear the voice of the Lord as you read this. Not because I am anything special but merrily a vessel in the hand of a glorious King...and He has a message for any girl who feels ugly:

To the ugly girl looking in the mirror. Do you see what I see? If you saw how you looked through my eyes, you wouldn't be crying. Your face wouldn't be flushed like a rose and your head wouldn't hang low like a broken branch. In my eyes, you are magnificent. You are stunning. Your beauty can move mountains all on its own. But the heart that trembles for true love, the heart that oozes passion, the heart that is tangled in a mess of emotions, that bounces throughout the walls of your being, is searching. And you feel lost as it travels and comes up empty. And do you know why? Because it should be searching for me.

To the ugly girl by herself at the lunch table, let it go. Give yourself the gift of peace by forgiving those who don't understand you because frankly it is only hurting yourself. You don't need to impress anyone. You don't have to prove anything. Your identity doesn't come from how others define you...your identity comes from me. Hide in me and I will protect you from the blows and the darts that shoot from their eyes. I will be your strong tower when the venom from their lips drips upon your head. You want to scream. You want to fight. Instead of grabbing a weapon, get ahold of me. For I am all-powerful.

To the ugly girl lost in a sea of Lego's and messy dishes. Whose home feels more like a prison than a castle. You are my princess and have a royal inheritance. Weary and tired, rest in me. Dazed and confused, abide in me. You may feel all alone but I am here. Remember these days will pass away, so cherish every soft hand you touch, every whisper from those little lips, even every sticky lollypop kiss. For one day, they may resist and your heart will crave them. You are not a victim, you are blessed. Lay your head on my shoulder, for you will always be my daughter.

To the ugly girl at the gas station.
To the ugly girl buried in a book.
To the ugly girl teased in youth group.
To the ugly girl embarrassed by her spouse.
To the ugly girl without a home.
To the ugly girl faced with temptation.
To the ugly girl wrapped in lust-filled sheets.
To the ugly girl who wants to give up...
Don't. There is nothing ugly about you.

Value and worth does not come from this world. It comes from Calvary. I have shed my blood for you. It washes you clean, if you accept it. My love flows from the cross, into your life, if you will only let it. Though I am the Almighty, though I am your Father, I will never impose my will because that is not love. That is control. And that is not what I am about.

So, come, my child. I became a man to give my life so that you would know true me. I formed you to be different because I have a special plan for you. The riches of this life cannot even compare to what is awaiting you. The enemy of this world has blinded the eyes and hearts but can make a choice. Please, beautiful...choose me. 

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