Monday, September 9, 2013

Dear David...{Your 2013 Fall Bucket List: Letter 11}

Dear David...

Baby boy, momma is kind of emotional. As I was searching for a proper photo for this letter, I stumbled across a bunch of fall photos of you last year. You were so small...and round! We loved it!

I was thinking about how you touched leaves for the first time. It was a very strange experience for you but it was thrilling for Daddy and I. To watch your facial expressions, wondering what you were holding, slowing putting it to your lips...then realizing it didn't taste as good as you thought.

Now that you are 16 months, walking and talking your cute lil' face off, I am even more excited about fall this year! We can actually do things together that you might remember, or at the very least, enjoy. You are definitely our explorer. That is another nickname we have for you. You get giddy when there's cabinets to open, doors to close, baskets to sift through, furniture to climb on or under...all with a bright, big smile :)

So, here is a bucket list for this autumn season that will hopefully enhance those senses and the natural adventure inside of you:

Visit a pumpkin patch (pick your own pumpkin!)

Go on a hayride (you adore car rides so this will be special)

Play in a corn maze (being chased is one of your favorite games)

Make a painting with leaves (creativity is in your blood so let's involve nature)

Crunch leaves between fingers (I want to video your reaction this time!)

Jump in a leaf pile (we laid you in a tiny one last year. time to go bigger.)

Build a scarecrow (this would be a great activity in grandma & grandpa's yard)

Make homemade apple recipe with momma (you love food and helping me.)

Make first seasonal craft (We kinda did this already so let's check it off!)

Try apple cider (Another reaction I'd love on video.)

I cannot wait for you to really experience the beauty of a New England fall season! Leaves changing, crisp air, the smell of homemade baked goods, warm hot cocoa, spicy apple cider, pumpkin everything under the are going to have the time of your life, we will make sure of that!


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