Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Letter to Myself: Be Content

Dear Jacy,

Last night you were a little emotional. By little I mean a whole lot. I know you were feeling worn and tired after having a toddler pull at you all day, then not eat anything you put in front of him. You feel like your effort is useless and that nothing you do gets noticed. You feel like you are being pulled into 100,000,000 directions...and all you want to do is focus on the One.

I want to tell you that your attitude was wrong. You victimized yourself and manipulated the situation, which you are very good at if I do say so myself. We are not to do things to get noticed. You are appreciated and you know that. Your husband tells you almost every day. Still, you are not content. And it really bothers me because I have to deal with it. Think on these things:

While most women long for love, God blessed you with a hardworking husband, who encourages you, is proud of you and loves that his wife can stay home with his darling boy. Be content in love.

While most women cannot have children, you have a beautiful son. Training him now is hard work and you won't see the fruit of your labor until he's grown. But don't rush it. Be content in the season.

While most children play in the streets or live in drug-infested homes, your living room is messy because it's a safe playground. He feels happy here and it shows. Be content in the clutter.

While most families are poor and starving, your kitchen counter is cluttered with dirty dishes and cups. It's because you are rich in nutrition and your family eats well. Be content in the mess.

While most people are sick and hospital bound, your bed is not made and the sheets are not perfectly tucked. You and your husband sleep well and are provided with comfort. Be content in rest.

While you huff / complain / whine / groan / sulk, others have no money, no food, no home and no family. You are rich, no matter what society says. God says your are. You lack NOTHING. Be content with what you have because it is everything you need.

{and that's not just a signature. it's a commandment}

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