Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What I Wore {While Writing}: Lacy Camo

This is only my second WIWWW series post and I have to tell you, I'm dressing mighty comfy today. Though not as colorful as my previous outfit, I still can't get enough of this lacy tank top from Target! And as I'm typing this, I realize I have shown you two looks so far with tank tops. I would say I'm sorry and that things will change but that will be lying. I don't lie. Truth: I'm in love with tanks. They might be coming around again.

I've decided against making a list of everything I wear plus the links like I did before.
Two reasons being:
1.) I have a lot of mixed, hand-me-down, thrifted clothing.
2.) I don't keep up with the latest trends/fashions so you most likely won't find it in the store anyway

Wow, that makes me kinda sad fashion wise. I guess I'm a poor nerdy writer girl who doesn't wear name brands unless they are gifted to her...hope you enjoy my new "fashion" series....

Speaking of being a writer girl, have you picked up your copy yet of my brand new eBook, "10 Blogging Etiquette Tips for Newbies"? Guys, seriously, I wish I had this when I first started blogging. It's packed with tips, tricks, real-life stories and resources about blogging etiquette. Basically, how we should behave when blogging. I'm currently on a blog tour {see full list here} this week and today I'll be guest posting over on Michelle's blog Let It Shine and giving away a free copy! Say what? Oh and I'm also having a giveaway on my FB page where you can win a free custom logo for your business, shop or blog. And there might be a coupon code for the shop on there...but you should check here to be sure.

Oh and I almost forgot to talk about the skirt and sandals. The skirt is actually made (poorly I might add) by me from an old pair of camo pants. Super comfortable that it should be illegal. Truth: I didn't want to show you the huge tear in the back. It's embarrassing as I was strolling with my son to the park and I heard a big "RIPPPPPP!!!" On a busy street I might add. Luckily I'm a mom and we just learn how to roll with things. So I pretended I wasn't aware of the gaping hole that showed way more of my legs than I wanted to.
The sandals are another Target purchase and I always like the way that they feel but not always the way that they look. What do you think of them? I would opt in to wearing plain flip flops any day.

How about you? Are you a tank top, flip flop kinda gal? What is your favorite store to shop for them? I'd love to know!

Oh and one more thing {man, I'm loosing brain cells} do you see the cute blue and yellow lamp?!! I totally spray painted it for my newly designed living room! It was originally an old gold-bronze and the shade was off-white and dirty. Blasted the two with spray paint and {after a very interesting adventure which I will have to discuss with you another time} wala! The color combo is beautiful. My heart is swelling like a bee just stung it. What colors have you been crushing on lately?

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