Wednesday, July 10, 2013

No One Will Ever Love You {a devotional project}

As a young love-sick adolescent, I've often had the thought that no one would ever love me. Have you? Today I can say that my husband loves me, my son loves me and my family loves me. Not because of what I do but because of who I am. They can feel safe in my love and I in theirs. Yet bigger than our love on earth, there is a love that is incomparable...

My latest book project is a devotional about love. True Agape love! With this devotional, I want to break the chains that hold our hearts captive. With each word and each paragraph, I want every heart to understand the true meaning of love and who really adores them. In this world, love is used too often and not in the right way. What is actually lust is confused as love and hearts fall victim daily.
The truth is, no one will ever love you...the way Jesus does!

 the first cover concept

This devotional isn't formatted as a timeframe-type book, like "30 day challenge" or "21 days of love". It is divided into sections and mini-sections to help the mind and heart focus more on the content.
Your funding will help self-publish this devotional through Morris Publishing. This company is amazing and helped incredibly when I published my first book, The Palace Keepers, which was majorly successful and has sold over 110 copies since it's launch in April of last year. For this campaign, the money contributed will go towards an ISBN number, book editing, full color cover and the first book order.
This devotional is so important in a society that paints an untrue picture of what love is. Women everywhere, teenagers and adults alike, struggle every day as they fall into the lies of the enemy. Hope is fading fast and souls need this devotional to inspire them, uplift them, show them who The Lord Jesus Christ really is and what He thinks of them.
Help me by spreading the word about this project. Use the share tools attached to this campaign and join me as bonds are broken, hearts are set free and love (real Godly love) is sent into all the world.

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