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7 Signs He Might Be The One

The just man walketh in his integrity
Proverbs 20:7

Many people {myself included} have a tough time decoding the opposite sex. Okay, like everyone has this problem. The more we are around guys, the more confused we can get. I mean, what language are they speaking? Is that even English? And for the sake of all things holy, WHY do they insist on watching the same movie 18875556 billion times, drink from the juice carton {actually, I do that} and use every single dish in the cabinets before washing the first one? Yeah, I'm stumped too.

When we look at these little "quirks" {do we want to call them that? whatever too late}, we may not see the real gem that the guy is. Okay, so maybe he doesn't put the toilet seat down after use BUT he did just come in from helping the old lady next door unpack a car full of groceries. And yeah, it really is lame when he gets into a conversation about work {do we have all day to talk about his boss's obsession with Pokemon post-it notes?} BUT he isn't a slacker and has a great work ethic.

Hm, sounds like there may be some things we should pay more attention to than others. I've put together a list of 7 signs that might tell you he is "the one" {duh duh duhhhh.} This is not by all means a fool-proof list {as a fool is writing it} but it was created to get you thinking a different way about the guy in your life {or future guy.} 

7 Signs He Might Be "The One"

You call and ask if he wants to go to lunch tomorrow at a local hangout...and he actually shows up! Not only that, he makes plans for the next day and keeps that as well. He may not be a total keeper but the fact is he cares enough about spending time with you and doesn't like standing you up. That has to count for something!

You may not see eye to eye on a lot of topics but when you decide you believe in something, he takes you at your word. Sure, he can put in his two cents if he feels you aren't making a wise choice but overall he understands you are your own person and allows you to make decisions. Even if it's as simple as what toppings you want on the pizza.

Okay so he may not know a lot {or even a little} about being a super awesome teacher, accountant, ballerina, concession stand worker, street performer or a blogger but he knows it's important to you. He sees what you are passionate about and provides positive encouragement. Even if it's a simple "Go get 'em, babe" that's guy talk for "You can do it! I believe in you!"

Whether it's the big things {like your parents separating} or the small stuff {ouch! I stubbed my toe wicked hard} when you chat him up, he listens. I didn't say respond; even now my husband will listen for a good couple of minutes without responding to what I say. I often think his ears are turned off but then he can relay our entire conversation to his parents the next day. And I feel like a complete tool bag for assuming he didn't care. If he lets you drone on and on about old Dawson Creek episodes, your cat's insane cardboard box fetish or your little sister's rebellious bf, it shows a lot of patience in his character. I mean, really, would YOU even listen to you?

His turn! He has listened to you for a good hour complain about your co-worker's tuna and pineapple sandwiches, now he has something on his heart to share. There are some things that will always be kept secret. I don't know everything about my husband and that's a good thing. My big mouth may make situations worse! If your guy is willing to talk to you about his daddy issues, how he feels inadequate in a new job environment or his thoughts on the universe and God, it shows he trusts you.  Let it come natural and don't force it. Trying to force information out of any guy is a road leading to Cut Off Cliff.

And doesn't mind yours! Family is a big deal to me. We are super close and have tons of parties. It is rough when you are dating a guy who just sits in the corner not speaking to anyone. Maybe he is just shy but maybe that is a sign he is just not that into your family. My husband and I have a blast with both sides. We are blessed and we know it. He loves playing with my little brother and talking to my mother, and I love having heart to heart chats with his sisters. If he can tolerate your dad's baked bean outbursts {if you smell my drift} without gagging, keep him around a bit longer {at least before he passes out.}

One of the best things about my man is that he loves to help someone. He knows his strengths and talents and doesn't mind helping {or giving advice.} It could be fixing the neighbor's car, helping his mother pick up after dinner, helping a friend move into a new apartment or lending a hand during a church service. Whatever it is, big or small, it shows a lot about his character and ability to think of someone other than himself.

We all know the dating world can be crazy, to say the least. I'm not saying if the guy is a cheater but has all of these 7 signs you should elope to Vegas. Like I said before, this is merrily a small guideline to get you thinking about him in a different way. I truly believe dating is an interview process for marriage. This list may help you, it may not, it could just be something to read and laugh at. Just do me a favor: take your time! Don't rush down the aisle or obsess over the latest wedding mag. Watch your guy, how he acts around other guys AND girls. Listen to what he says and HOW he says them. Take inventory of what you've learned and build your choices off of that list.

**This post was approved by Mr. Jonathan Pulford aka my handmade husband.**

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  1. #3 really sticks out to me!! Sometimes we feel too vulnerable sharing our dreams, esp with men because we are so different! I am fully supported by my hubby no matter how silly or whacky it may seem to him (ahem, blogging). He supports (well, when I did blog, anyways) and encourages it! I love this list, and am sharing it for all my young friends!!


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