Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New Poetry E-Book Launch!

On Monday June 10th, my personal poetry project {say that 10 times fast} will be available for purchase and download in the shop!

"Conversion of a Heart" showcases personal and deep poetry from artist/author Jacy Lee Pulford. Extracted from her journal as a young convert, the poetry tells an emotional story of what goes through someone's mind and heart when they have to give up all that they've ever known, for a God who has called them. Using original photography to create beautiful imagery to complement each poem, this is sure to be a delightful and inspiring read.

This 31-page collection of poetry is from my journal as I first came to the Lord. Each poem is a piece of my testimony puzzle and sheds an emotional, artistic light into the mind and heart of a new convert. I hope and pray that this book will touch the hearts of those who feel lost, broken, alone, scared and yet hopeful. We are all a work in progress and each journey is different. This is my story, through poems.

I'd love to hear your honest thoughts. Feel free to email any reviews to jacy@artbyjacy.com

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