Thursday, March 21, 2013

Twitter Hop Linky Party

David & Mama being silly. What else is new?

Well, this is new: so, I have these friends {aka people I call friends who probably wouldn't even hang out with me on Skype since they are way cooler than I am} who are super awesome and wanted to say hi today. Hope that's cool.

Oh yeah and we're having a Twitter Hop Linky Party, whatttttt!!! Details below, beauties.
You have my permission to hop around...just be home by dinner're welcome.

Lets get social! Meet and tweet some new friends!
Everyone who links up will get a guranteed follow back from the host @MariaGridley!
And each co-host has committed to following at least 10 new twitter accounts.
So link up and get social. But before you do, please consider the following rules...


1. Help us spread the word with a quick tweet:
2. Follow Each of the Hosts!

3. Link up your Twitter Account

4. Follow at least 5 other linkups!

5. Send a little hello tweet to the new people you have followed!
Chances are they will follow you back!


  1. Oh Jacy You crack me up! You are awesome, and I adore you! And I would totally skype with you, If I ever skyped! LOL This momma can never get any peace and quiet time to talk on the phone, let alone skype. Im sure if I did skype, you'd be talking to my kids more than me! hahaha I love you girl! You and lil man are just adorable!! Thanks for being a co-host!!

    1. Glad you love my craziness hahaha I have to put it somewhere, or my husband would jump off a bridge. Seriously, you should hear the things I say at home lol
      I have a Skype app on my phone, we should totally set something up soon! Maybe a "BFF Blogging Brainstorm/ Get To Know One Another" session...or just chat :)
      Thanks for hosting this, such success on the first day, whoohoo!!


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