Friday, March 22, 2013

DIY Spring Centerpiece

I have a confession. I can't stand paying full price for anything. Seriously. It never makes sense to me since things can be duplicated or made. Or thrifted. There are quite a bit of home decor items lurking around my home that I just had to have but when it came to decorating for this new season, I just didn't have it in me to spend, well, anything...except a little time.

I've been so excited to show you this project, so let's get to it!

What you will need:
- Empty & clean spaghetti jar {I recommend using Goo Gone to get rid of labels and markings.}
- 10 inch paper doilies
- Pretty stamp & ink
- Fabric triangle
- Scissors
- Garden Twine
- Cardstock
- Safety pin
- Flowers
- Sweet skills

I Had this fabric garland hanging around {no pun intended. it wasn't hanging anywhere.} I love this vintage fabric and couldn't wait to use it! It was already attached by thread to some garden twine but you can always glue yours if you'd like or just tie it right to the jar with the twine exposed.

These paper doilies are SO pretty! Take one, fold it in half. Then start at one end and roll it like a tortilla.

Then just stuff that beauty right in the jar and let it uncurl. So cute.

Next, cut yourself a piece of cardstock and use your stamp. It can be anything, really, get creative! Use your family's last name, a scripture verse or just one powerful word to describe Easter like I did. Silly rabbits, Easter is for Jesus. Oh I also use one of those cute decorative scissors to trim it down. Then use your safety pin to secure it right to the fabric triangle.

I Can't wait to add REAL flowers to this! Some fresh tulips would be fantastic.

As you can see, I needed some serious help. This is how our table was after Christmas until a few weeks ago. So sad and lame for someone who claims to be creative...

So I took this beautiful light green tablecloth I bought from Walmart and an old pale pink sheer curtain. Yup, one panel. Another thing I love but never used. Until now!

You know you did a good job when even the husband says he likes it, even with all the pretty dainty touches and pastel splashes.

What have you done to decorate for spring lately?
Do you have any posts featuring your DIY spring projects?
Share them with me in the comments, I'd love to see!

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