Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fly Away... {Art for Newtown}

Hey guys...I'm back!
And has been a long time. A few days short of a full month but due to recent events, I felt led to write. A week ago, children and teachers from Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown CT were sadly taken from this world. As news broke and details emerged, many of us wept and prayed for families affected by the tragedy. 

This past Monday, I was approached to donate some paintings for an auction being held for an ill CT State Trooper and his family. I jumped at the chance, seeing as though it has been on my heart lately to help others more and I had a stack of paintings collecting dust in my basement. So, I donated two...

The next day I received a phone call.
One of my paintings, entitled "Fly Away" had apparently made a big impact. Those who attended the auction, many state officials and people from the community, were drawn to the painted image of a young soul releasing doves into the sky. It was then purchased for Newtown in honor of the children and will be hung in the local firehouse.

 My heart is full, knowing that my art is bringing light into a dark circumstance. I am taking it a step further and created a Facebook page featuring the painting. On the page, you can place bookmark and print orders, and all proceeds will be given to the town. Seeing as though Connecticut is where I was raised and now abide, it is my honor to help families in need so close to my home and heart.
Here are the products for sale. Please like and share the page on your social media...the more who see, the more orders, and the bigger the check will be for Newtown. Seeing as though there are possible plans to rebuild a new school, they could use this financial blessing.

Bookmark= $2 , 5x5 matte print= $5 , 8x8 matte print= $10
Feel free to leave your order in the comments with a valid email address. Invoices will be sent via Paypal...or email me your order at


  1. Wow Jacy! Congratulations and what a wonderful thing you are doing. I hope you and your family are enjoying the holiday's and had a great Christmas. Now it's time to bring in a brand new year. Hopefully, we won't have anymore tragedies like this one!

    Happy New Year!


    1. Thanks Sarah! It really is the least I can do, especially since it is my home state...let us all pray for a better 2013 :)


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