Monday, December 31, 2012

Bye bye, Blog...

A decision has been made... I have thought SO long and prayed so hard this past month about my business, my blog and my social media influence. I have come to realize that I have been obsessed and dangerously addicted to everything blog-related. What was suppose to be fun quickly turned into a "look at me" campaign, and though I've had a blast in these two years, blogging and getting to know some great people, I have found that I have no discipline when it comes to my blog/social media. So, my dear friends, this little space of mine will be closing sometime in early January.

This is very much related to my relationship with my Lord and Saviour. He has been showing me the things I should be doing and where my passions/talents should be going. I have found that I was putting what I wanted to do in front of my God, my family and my home. This is not the way it should be! Yes, we can have fun and yes, we can have dreams/desires/goals...but not at the mercy of the ones we claim to love the most. I will be judged by my roles as my husband's help meet, my son's mother/trainer and a disciple of Jesus. Honestly, if the judgement came today, I would fail.

With that being said, I am putting together a mailing list for a new newsletter! This will be how we can connect and you can be updated on any of my new projects, artwork, books, events etc. Below this post and on my sidebar you will find the signup form. It is easy and all emails will remain confidential and will never be sold. Here is a run down of what I'm planning in 2013:

-Close the Art By Jacy Facebook and Twitter accounts
-Update the Art By Jacy shop
{this will remain open and become the new homepage for}
-Pin new products & designs on Pinterest {I will be keeping my account.}
-Do more writing! Work on my Christian romance novel & author advice ebook.
-Spend more time reading the Word, praying, keeping the home and give my family the attention/love they need.

I will post again soon with an actual closing date. This will give you time to sign up to the mailing list. Don't worry...I will not be spammy. I will probably send a newsletter once a month, maybe twice if something comes up last minute. It truly has been a blessing here, you guys rock my socks! I would love to keep in touch!


  1. Looks like I checked in at the right day!

    One thing I have learned is that sometimes (a lot of times!) the Lord calls you to do something you don't really want to do. It's not a chastisement, but rather learning to be willing to submit and obey. If God never enticed us to submit, we would never have a reason to, and therefore never have a reason to follow Him.

  2. I have to say, I'm disappointed! I was so psyched to see another Pentecostal blogger out there, I haven't found another yet, though I'm sure they are out there :)

    I know you have to listen to what God wants you to do though, doing the right thing for Him is most important.

    1. There are! lol It is hard, in my opinion, to be a blogger with a business...there is a fine line between promoting self and still doing it for His glory, you know?
      Please sign up for my newsletter, girl! I'd love to keep in touch! Lord bless xoxo
      {there's a link at the top of the blog}


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