Monday, November 26, 2012

Challenge Accepted.

If you have noticed, the time stamp on my last blog post was a week ago.
I haven't blogged in seven days...and do you know what?

I don't even feel guilty.

Thanksgiving was awesome, especially since the Handsome and I hosted it this year. The week was insane, to say the least, but was exactly what I needed. Real world conversations with real world people. Yes, I know bloggers are real but the thing is, we only blog about what we want people to see or read. Some of us blog about real stuff from our real world lives but others just paint a nice picture of a perfect world that many of us cannot relate to. Giveaways, sponsors, followers...these things have consumed my thoughts. My family, my home, my faith...the things that I claim are important, have been put aside for blogging. Last week made me realize what I am really thankful for.

I have been feeling obligated lately. I know you guys know what I mean.
It's the thing most bloggers don't talk about.

Obligated to blog like the big girls on the block...obligated to sponsors or to have sponsorships...obligated to be seen, to be "popular", to host giveaways, to have a post schedule, to gain followers, to take pictures of everything we do or wear, to make tutorials, be crafty, be a good cook to have an awesome recipe...I know I'm not alone. Many of us feel obligated but we can't stop. We are addicted.

How do I know? Hm, well, in a matter of a few hours, what have you accomplished? If you are addicted, like I am confessing, you probably checked your Facebook 15 times, then Twitter about 7 times, then glanced at your inbox in between, surfed blog after blog, then back to Twitter, and then repeat times infinity...right?

What are you trying to accomplish with your blog? What am I trying to accomplish with this little free space in a world that can reach many hearts in a second? Honestly, I thought I was trying to bring some inspiration, and maybe I did a little..but I definitely know that I have been more and more selfish than giving. Blogging never used to be about sponsors, giveaways, tutorials, or any of that stuff to me when I started...and I am not saying those are bad things but what I am saying is they have become a distraction to me. A distraction from being an inspiration. A distraction from reaching lost souls with His gospel. While I worry about having enough paid sponsors this month, I am missing an opportunity to have fun! I started blogging to share my story. I wanted to connect, relate, and uplift. Have I been doing that? I don't know, maybe you guys can answer that my own mind, I don't think so.

So here is the challenge: This week is the two year anniversary of this blog...that's right. Two years of building some amazing online friendships and getting to know this crazy yet cool blogging world. Two years of trials, triumphs, laughs and tears {both online and in the real world.} I'd like to think I am wiser, but who knows. What I do know is I need a new perspective. So, instead of doing a typical "big bloggerversary blog bash" filled with prizes & stuff, I'm challenging myself to step away...temporarily. For one entire month.

To take some time with God and ask Him what He wants to do with this space. To enjoy my son, my husband, my, well, life. How can I invest in this blog and not my life? Isn't blogging suppose to reflect life? If I'm not living, what else can I blog about?

Yes, this will be my last post for an entire month. I wasn't sure if I was even going to write this because I was scared of being held accountable for this commitment...but why should I? I think it is about time we all became accountable. I've accepted this challenge, the question is, who else will? I'm not doing this to be the ring leader of a crusade. I'm not forcing you and I'm not judging anyone who doesn't want to. I appreciate all of my followers and yes, I know a lot of you are new...welcome! :) I would love for you all to stay following ABJ but this is not about numbers to me. I will be back in a month, hopefully with a clearer perspective & plan for how to use my influence.

I am writing about where I am right now, where my heart is...
I challenge you to just take a minute to answer this question: where is your heart?


  1. Good for you Jacy. This was very well written. Totally agree and can relate with so much of it. OK I've actually been pretty sparse on my blog the past week too (except for giveaways I had scheduled) but its been good. My kids had time off and thanksgiving was my hubs birthday. So I spent time with them, and didn't worry about the blog. Its been nice. But I do think, that for me, blogging really has helped me. Not only to shine Gods light to others, but also to help me with personal situations in my life. Being able to write things about and share what God is speaking to me feels right for me. But there are def times when I know I can be "addicted" and need to step back. This week sort of being off has helped me with that perspective.
    So I say, right on sister! Get your break, connect with God, family and life and come back anew and refreshed! :-)

  2. i did the same thing back in july-august for 6 weeks. i think i ended up putting up 2 posts during that time, but it was such a nice time away..although i was ready to blog again when i came back. enjoy your time off, friend... love you =)


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