Monday, August 27, 2012

End of Summer {Blog Hop}

Oh yeah, I'm totally cool...
Yes. Yes you are, my son.

And so are all you awesome people out there!!

Which is why I wanted to host my first ever blog hop! I know we are all bummed out because summer is over...the pools are closing and the last popsicles are being eaten *sigh*
But that doesn't mean the fun is over!

I hope this works and is successful...though I love writing and posting about my thoughts, faith etc, I also love helping people, whether online or off. Let's cut to the good stuff and start mingling, shall we?

The "End of Summer Blog Hop" is co-hosted by this lovely lady, a special and close bloggy BFF, The Mrs. Megan Volnoff:

She is such an awesome person! We were both preggers at the same time and I truly believe God put us together to have someone to share all the fun {and not so fun} experiences with. We are real together, open, honest, pray for one another, encourage and, I love her :) Someday, we will meet in person and our husbands can chat about how crazy their wives are hehe

Here are the rules:
1.) Please follow my blog by either by GFC or Email
2.) Please follow my sweet CO-HOST {The Mrs.}
3.) Link up! Share a blog post or just your main url.
{Just please, keep it Jesus & family friendly :)}
4.) Be sure to "hop" around & meet some cool new folks!!!

Enjoy your last week of August xoxo


  1. Hey Jacy! I'm Sarah, my blog is Skylar Magazine. I'm new to your blog and linking up here for the first time. I'm following on GFC, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Thank you for hosting this awesome hop!


  2. Great idea! Thanks for hosting!

  3. Anytime ladies, thanks for linking up!!


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