Wednesday, April 11, 2012

{JJ&M} journaling series: Let it go...and laugh!

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Thank you Jesus for another day. I am so thankful and hopeful, at least lately. I know I am blessed to have a relationship with the Lord and that He has given me things in my life that are meant to help me grow as a person and a Christian.
Jonathan is an awesome person, friend and companion. I know our friendship and relationship is a gift from God. We need each other and we love each other. I am so happy to have someone that really cares for me, and takes care of me. I know I'm a pain sometimes and I'm so gracious that Jonathan puts up with my antics or whining. I love him so much and every day it grows. It's going to be amazing when we hit those milestones that couple's have. I am so excited for those!
I need to stop worrying about if we are going to last or not because my gut feeling says yes, but my mind is messing me up. The only One who knows is the Lord, Jesus Christ. And I have confidence in my God and that He will do great things for us, as long as we serve Him.

I am closer to God right now then I ever have been. It's been a good four days that I have felt His presence and I am starting to understand things more, and not be so serious. Of course, there are some things we need to be serious about, but I need to just let it go sometimes, and laugh. I can't forget to do that and have fun!

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