Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Song of the Moment: Heir of a Kingdom by Camaryn Rogers

I realized today that I rarely talk about music on here and I was like "What?!"
I absolutely thrive on music, especially songs that glorify and worship Jesus.

Can you relate to this...
As you sit in the car, driving and what not, your mind spins with events that have recently taken place in your life. Then all of a sudden, a song comes on the radio and the lyrics just hit you like pigeon poo.
WOW!! God knew exactly what I needed to hear in that song.
Have you had this happen??

I personally only listen to Christian music. The Lord convicted me about this years ago and it's been a rewarding commitment. Recently, I heard "Heir of a Kingdom" by Camaryn Rogers and was blown away!
Below is an acoustic version of the song for you to hear and enjoy:

The lyrics talk about being in poverty to sin and how God took everything and turned it into riches!
Though the song is fun and peppy, I can't help but cry when I hear it.
It reminds me how dark and cold I was in my old alone and lost until Jesus showed up and clothed me with His righteousness. Now, I am a daughter of the King, and heir to His Kingdom!!

I'm going to leave you with the lyrics below. Hope this song uplifts your soul and be blessed :)

Saw a man on the street, he was holding out his hand
Made me stop, made me think, how did I get where I am
I've been lost, I've been broke on the corner of alone
Until love called my name, ya love led me home


Now I have so much more
Thanks to all You've given me
And were it not for Grace
I'd be homeless for eternity


I traded my rags for the riches of forgiveness
I don't deserve this, that's what makes it so
Beautiful how You give hope to the hopeless
All I know is love has took it's toll
And taken me, when no one else's hands could reach

When no one else's eyes could see
You heard my every prayer
And You made me the heir of Your kingdom

I'm the last, I'm the least, I'm not worthy of a crown

Oh but you loved me first, never heard a sweeter sound
Than Your grace raining down, washing everything away
Until all that is left is Your loving embrace

Now I have so much more

Thanks to all You've given me
You wrapped me in Your light
Now I belong to royalty



My sin impoverished me
But Your love has set me free


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