Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thrift Store Finds: I Hit the Motherload!

Okay, remember yesterday's What I Wore post?
I told you that I got all dressed up in a cheap comfy preggo outfit to go shopping during Savers Presidents Sale. What I didn't tell you (at least I don't think I did) was that it was 50% off all clothing and shoes! Yes!
Well, here we have it folks...the time has come to feast your googly computer-glued eyes on all the great stuff I got!!

Stuff for Mommy:
Two awesome maternity jean skirts for spring & a maternity shirt!
Also picked up a nice long jean skirt (hard to find!) & ruffled orange skirt for after baby :)
Oh, and I couldn't pass up these brown Steve Madden heels. I needed some nice brown shoes for the spring. As I tried them on, my handsome hubby's eyebrows hit the ceiling haha that's good right?! ;)


 Stuff for Daddy:
Since my handsome just got a new job, he needed more dressy clothes. He's been wearing his nice church outfits and I didn't want them to start getting faded now that I'll be washing them more.
So I got him four pairs of dressy pants, in various basic colors. 
Topped them off with about nine collared shirts...can you tell I love him in stripes :)
He also needed a pair of brown shoes so as soon as I saw these size 13 Timberlands, I snatched them!
(Not pictured: two nice suits but I have to exchange them. They fit really weird.)

Stuff for Baby:
Seeing as though I still have two more baby showers and about nine weeks left of pregnancy (OMGoodness, ack!) I didn't go all out like I wanted for baby.
I definitely got him a sleep sack for the carseat that we can take him home in.
A couple of cute collared shirts (just like daddy) and some newborn onesies.
Oh yeah, and the cutest sneaks ever!! Also brown, like mommy and daddy's :)
Last minute, I picked up the black dress shoes. They are big but he will need them some day for church.

Okay, so I bet you're DYING to know how much I spent...
don't lie, I know you are!

Can you believe it?!
One of my handsome man's outfit would have cost that much normally!
I was/am so stoked, I love saving money and getting a ton for my buck.

Do you have any good sale stories??
Please share below, I'd love to hear them :)


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  2. Hi Justine, thanks for the support :)


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