Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Introducing my fun new shop "The Little Life of LeeLee"

I know what you are going to say....and yes, my plate is officially full...of fun that is!

I have been wanting to create a new shop for a while, one that has a more streamlined look as far as brand and designs. I obviously will be keeping my main shop, because frankly it is doing great!
But I wanted to have a shop strictly for my illustrations that are funny and filled with opposite of me, right? :)

Without further ado, here are some designs that are already in my shop and some that I am waiting to bring to you!

Ta-da! Pretty sweet right?
The ideas have been flowing! I was scribbling them down in my mini sketchpad at 1am...

"The Little Life of LeeLee" is a play on my middle name, which happens to be Lee.
No one has ever called me "LeeLee" however that is my mom's nickname. Not sure how that happened considering her name is Yvette...whatever

I have a cool new series of illustrations coming is a hint: inanimate objects with attitude
You should be! This shop is going to be awesome...just sayin'

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