Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Love...Best Memories & Romantic Treasury

I have to apologize ahead of time. I won't be able to write too many posts this week...
I will be attending a Ladies Conference starting Thursday and will be staying the entire time at the hotel.
Every year we have it and it is such a blessing to fellowship with my fellow sisters in Christ :)

So this may be my last post this week...depends on how things go tomorrow.
However I have some great stuff planned when I get back, so stay tuned!

Ahhh Spring is here!!
I had to put together a treasury promoting the feeling of love that is in the air...

Orange Scarfette- vaivanat


One Cream Ceramic Shabby Chic Rose- Dprintsclayful




Beautiful and romantic!

There is really nothing more lovely than love during springtime.
It's a season where things are new, and blossoming.
I am interested to know what is your best spring memory??

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