Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Paths are Always Good

Hi there! Okay, I know I haven't written all week but I have been working my tail off because my shop is taking a different approach. I have a new banner, new avatar and new products. Well, we should just say its expanding and broadening the horizons lol
I am truly a painter and fine artist at heart, and I have listed several of my original piece and new prints. I love my magnets, so those will stay and maybe I'll add more in the future. But for now, my mind is in painting mode.

Have you ever had that happen? When you're so consumed with one thing, that you forget whats really important? I was so consumed with all the magnets, which are nice but I forgot about my true passion: painting! If my shop is really suppose to reflect who I am, I have to follow the gifts that the Lord gave me. I think you'll find my new products refreshing and least I find them that way :)

Here are some photos of the latest items. Please let me know what you think~

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