Saturday, July 5, 2014

Modest Fashion Challenge | Day 5: Midi Skirt

You know you're not a fashion blogger when you read the word "midi" and think "huh?" Honestly, thank you Google. I would've have made a fool of myself, well, more of myself if I would have worn a totally different style. Today's modest style challenge was (you guessed it) to wear a midi skirt.This Merona skirt is so flowy, seriously be careful on windy days. Like today. And yes, I may have flashed some family members and neighbors. However, the material is so lightweight and the pattern so pretty. It makes this crazy mama look stylish as she runs around with a tot haha

**Continue to follow me in this challenge on my Instagram! I'll no longer post here due to lack of interest and some amazing upcoming DIY posts. Thanks.**

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  1. I love the midi skirt on you! I wish I could pull off this length!


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