Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dear David...{Boundaries: Letter 18}

Dear David...

You are one very active two year old. As I write this, right now, you are jumping on "daddy's bed" (your nickname for our bed) and catapulting into the pillows. I've been feeling so overprotective lately the more you explore. And I really don't mean it in a negative way. So I felt like I needed to write this so will understand my desire for you to understand boundaries.

When we cross the road, I explain how we must keep our feet behind the lines. But your innocent curiosity, though super cute, is also super scary for mommy and daddy. Without thinking, you dart across without realizing the danger. Boundaries don't always keep you from good things. That was a lie I bought into growing up. I was rebellious because I thought no one wanted me to have fun. It wasn't until I got older that I saw what was truly on the other side of the line...and that those who tried to implement boundaries were trying to actually protect me.

Bro. John preached on a Wednesday night a few years ago and I want to share with you what he said because it touched my heart. He spoke about the need for boundaries as Christians. The Shepherd sets up a fence to protect us but our gaze is often so focused on what's beyond the fence, that's our only desire. We crave to be on the other side because it looks better. Our eyes are not in tune with the Shepherd's because if they were, we would notice the wolf waiting for curious sheep to leave His side.

So while it may seem like the fence is holding you back, it's actually saving your life. Sounds a bit extreme and I don't want to make you scared. It's good to take chances and try new things. That's not what I'm talking about. What I'm saying is the adults in your life see things you do not. So when you are growing and learning, trust the boundaries we set even if they are annoying or don't make sense.

Just like our God has boundaries for us, we also must live within safe fences. This mindset is not popular in today's world. No one has boundaries anymore. But I'm here to tell you that just because your friend's parents have a different set of are not their child. You are ours. You are God's. We have a standard and a purpose. And we will do our best to teach you what it means so you don't just obey out of habit or ritual.

When you have a relationship with the Shepherd, the words of the wolf don't matter to the sheep. Because they are too close to the Shepherd and only obey His voice. The enticing spirit of the wolf does not effect those who are not hovering by the fence edge. But those who wander away from the Shepherd's side are less likely to hear His voice and fall into the trap of the enemy.

Just remember that boundaries is another way to express love. Just like marriage, boundaries must be set in order for that marriage to work and be the best it can be. Without boundaries, tragedy lies. So please know that our hearts are on your side, not against you. As you grow, keep your gaze on the Shepherd and ears on His voice. And you will find everything you need by His side.


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