Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dear David...{She Won't Be Perfect: Letter 15}

Dear David...

On and off I've been thinking about how much I need to start praying for your future. Not only what job you'll have and who you'll become as a man...but who you will marry, if you do marry at all. It is my duty as a God-fearing mother to intercede spiritually for you both, now and then. It sounds so crazy saying this. You are going to be two years old this Sunday and we are going through the potty training adventures at this moment. Your only concern today was eating another bite of brownie and rolling toy cars down the hallway without wetting your pants.

Prayer is powerful. I've told you that before in this letter. I will do all that I can to encourage you to pray for your future spouse and when you are married, continue to pray for her and with her. Why? Well, she won't be perfect. She will have experiences that will shape her thoughts and dreams. They may not go along with your beliefs. She will have made mistakes. She will be over-emotional and over-critical at times. She might become needy and lonely. She won't always say the right things and will some times argue points that are untrue. She will be fully human; full of potential on a path that hopefully is guided by her Maker.

She won't be perfect, David. And neither will you. It is easy to envision the one we truly love as a perfect vessel, in the beginning. We almost idolize and worship one another. However, the only perfect One is the Lord Jesus Christ and as you both seek Him first, you both will be perfected.

So even when you see a glimmer of the imperfect nature inside of her, remember your vows. Even when you don't understand why she is upset or crying, hold her. Even when you feel your world is being shattered, don't forget who is part of it. She won't be perfect but you are still called to love her with all you have. And love is an action word. Look to Jesus for that demonstration of what perfect love is so when she disappoints you (because we do that as humans) you can see past her imperfections and will encourage the potential she has inside.

Above all else, remember that we all are clay in the hands of the Potter. It pains me to think that I'm probably making a mistake raising you right now. I'm constantly praying that as a parent I'm doing the right thing and as a Christian woman I'm producing the right example for you. But one thing I do know is no matter how long of a list you have of what you seek in a woman of God, she won't be perfect. But love her anyway.

Love, Mom


  1. What a beautiful, candid and thoughtful letter to your son. Thank you for sharing!

    Happy as We Know It

    1. Appreciate you reading the post, Krista!

  2. What a beautiful and wonderful letter to your son. Thank you so much!!


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